Thursday, July 19, 2018

Take a licking


July 19.  And according to the Crazy Calendar, it is Stick Out Your Tongue Day.  Which is strange, because once upon a time, it was not considered really polite to do so.   But today, it seems like people think it's a cool thing to do.  Go figure.

I know that we dogs LOVE to stick out our tongues when my human is doing a photo shoot.  It drives her crazy when, in a photo of the three of us, two are looking great and one of us is sticking out his tongue.

Anyway, to mark this day - let's look at some dog tongue facts.   Did you know that if a dog's tongue is blue - it could be a sign of lung or heart problem?  EXCEPT in  Chow Chows and Shar-Peis - who have blue or dark colored tongues all the time!

Contrary to popular belief, dog tongues are NOT cleaner than human tongues.  And the idea that we should lick our (or your)wounds to clean them is NOT a good plan.  Like humans we have lots of bacteria in our mouths - so licking does not promote healing.

When we stick our tongues out and are panting, it is a way that we use to cool ourselves off.  They say that when we pant, air is moved through our mouths and into our respiratory tract, bringing in moisture to cool us down.  

We actually have fewer taste buds in our tongues than humans - although we reportedly can taste sweet, sour, bitter and salty.  But we have less than 1/6 the number of taste buds than humans have.   Perhaps that explains my affinity for dryer lint....

We use our tongues to lick and convey emotions. We lick people (and other dogs) when we are happy and to show affection.  I LOVE to lick Einstein's face.  And do so whenever my human is not paying attention.  I REALLY like to do it right after she grooms him.  I have actually begun to lick the FG, but since I have always been a bit aloof with him, he isn't quite sure what to do if I lick him. His hair doesn't mess up as well as Einstein's hair - his always looks crazy - so it's not really as much fun to do.

They say that the size of a dog's tongue can affect his bark.   If size affects the AMOUNT of barking one does, Einstein must have a GIANT tongue.

So those are my crazy facts for today.  Gotta go -time to go lick Einstein.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Toilet paper caper

So you all know that we have Big Brother in our house.  One of those webcam things that allows my human to check in on us throughout the day.  It actually sends her notifications if we even MOVE so we can't get away with much.  Mind you - she doesn't look at EVERY notification she gets - because she wouldn't get anything done at work!  But it is handy to check in - and if heaven forbid,  I have a seizure, she can check on me later in the day to see how things are going.

We also know that Big Brother can also reveal the culprit in home crimes.  Like tevealing the guy who stole the bananas and ate them, peel and all.  That would be me.  Or the guy who stole the oven mitt.  And shrededed it.  That was also me.  Hey.  I get bored.  What else can I say?

Now the only problem with Big Brother (from my human's point of view) is that it can't see everywhere.  Like the laundry room.  Which has the garbage can that holds the delectable dryer lint.  Usually the door is closed - but as we all know, sometimes it isn't latched all the way, lending easy access to dryer lint treats.  My favorite.  Again.  Hey.  I'm starting to look like the bad dog in this house.  Mind you, it WAS because of MY antics that this whole blog thing started...

Anyway,  the other day, the door just happened to have been left unlatched.  BUT - there was no dryer lint in the garbage can.  It was empty.   SO.  SOMEONE decided to attempt to remove the toilet paper from the roll.  The roll was pretty full, and in fact, it didn't even roll off that easyily.  Not that I'm saying it was ME who did it, but that was my observation.  And because there is no Big Brother to point the finger, my human couldn't accuse anyone.  Score.  Off the hook.  For that one anyway.

In the meantime, I did get busted for not one but TWO runaway episodes in the past week.  My human got home from work and let us out to pee.  And not once, but TWICE did I start heading back in the house, when the call of wild occurred.  The first time, my human put Einstein and the FG in the house and went to the neighbor's house to find me.  No luck.  She went to another neighbor's - lurking through yards trying to remain inconspicuous.  Good luck with that.  When she didn't find me - she went to get the car.  She drove up the road - but no sightings.  So she headed home.  And guess who had doubled back and was waiting at the door?!  Don't I LOVE doing that?!  Because I have her over a barrel - she can't get mad beacuse I have returned.

I did it again the other night - but this time, I met the neighbor.  He had just pulled down his driveway and here was my human coming from his backyard.  Oopsie.  I was put on leash and taken home.  

I think I'm being bad because I'm getting excited for her summer vacation.  Who am I kidding?  I'm just bad.  No.  Let's call it adventurous and entertaining.  Yeah.  Let's call it that...

Have a good one.Peace   and paws up.
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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Brain fart

What was she thinking?  Sometimes my human has what she refers to as a brain fart and she does something that clearly does not involve much thought...

Since the deck is pretty well finished, she is now on an “interior” decorating campaign.  She has decided she wants to paint the kitchen, dining room and hall.  It was just done a few years ago, but she never loved the color.  After it was done, she didn’t want to change it - because it was a big job.  One thing she learned was  that just holding a 2x2 inch color swatch up to a wall doesn’t REALLY give you the full idea about how the color will look on all the walls.  No kidding.

Anyway, this time she went to several paint places and brought home loads of little swatches.  But this time, when she picked her favorite, she decided to test the color first.  She bought a “sample can” to paint some on the walls to get a better idea about what it would look like.  Good idea.  Until the brain fart.

She brought the paint home and then took us out to pee- so she could concentrate on the task at hand.  We went out and came back in quickly because it was drizzling rain.  We all settled down to watch what she was about to do.  She got her brush, can opener and some newspaper to put under the can.  She picked a spot on the wall and painted about a one foot square.  Hmmmm.  She thought she liked it, but figured she should do more.  So she put more on and painted an area down to about three feet from the floor.  And of course, it was exactly at that point that the FG, fashion and decorating consultant, HAD to come over and put his nose right up to the wall- just as my human had stepped back to look at her work. “Aggghhh” she shouted.  Serious brain fart.  Did she honestly think he wouldn’t inspect it? He turned around with a newly decorated nose. 

After she quickly wiped the paint - which thankfully came off with water, from his nose, she THEN sequestered us for the 15 minutes it took the paint to dry.  I like the color.  It’s called PON gray.  Well that’s what I call it.

My human has a good friend who is going to help with the painting.  He offered to do it while she is working but she didn’t think it fair to subject him to dog wrangling while painting. She will soon be on vacation- so they’ll do it then.  I can hardly wait for the furniture moving.  I BET we will find some dog kibble under the sideboard from when she throws kibble to keep Einstein quiet in the mornings.  I’ll be right there when they move that thing.

Well it’s Tuesday and the last crazy busy Tuesday for my human at work.  Then she has an easier week - and as of August 1 - she is ON VACATION!!!  And we can’t WAIT!!!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Monday, July 16, 2018

Congratulations France!

Well the World Cup is over. And while we PONs were devastated because Poland was out of the running pretty early, the FG was pretty smug from the beginning.  And not only did France do well from the start - but they went on to WIN the World Cup!  The FG was pretty excited, so although we were disappointed for our national team, we were happy that someone in this house got to celebrate!

So in honor of France and their victory, let’s take a minute to pay tribute to French canines. Time for some trivia...

1.  This French breed is the Butterfly dog.

2.  This French breed is a large powerful breed that is also known as the French Mastiff.  There was one featured in the movie Turner and Hooch with Tom Hanks.

3.  According to the AKC, these three French Breeds must be shown with their double dewclaws. 

4. This bat-earred breed was developed by breeding bulldogs to French ratting dogs.

5. This active guy dog is a spaniel, although is said to perform in the field somewhat like a pointer or setter.

6. This large, floppy-earred breed has great scent detection abilities and can be used by police departments as a tracking dog.

7.  This short-legged scenthound also has long floppy ears and likes to hunt rabbits.

8.  This cute shaggy water retrieving breed is still relatively rare but is said to make a great family pet.

9. The initials for these shaggy hunting hounds are PBGV and GBGV.

10.  This is a small herding breed from a mountainous area of France.

11. This comical herding breed is a source of never ending entertainment in our house!

I’ve included 14  breeds here. There is also the French Spaniel which is said to be rare outside of France. Did you know that there were so many French breeds?  Let’s see how you did...

1.  Papillon 
2.  Ddogue de Bordeaux 
3.  Briard, Beauceron, and Great Pyrenees
4.  French bulldog
5.  Brittany
6.  Bloodhound
7.  Basset Hound
8.  Barbet
9.  Petit Basset Griffon Vendeen and Grand Basset Griffon Vendeen
10. Pyrenean Shepherd
11. Berger Picard

Congratulations to France.  Now if I can just convince my human that we should have some boeuf bourguigon to celebrate...

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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Sunday, July 15, 2018

Herman. The snake.

Well we are moving to a highrise condo in the heart of the city.  The wilds of country living have finally become too much for my human.  With the bears, the deer, the crazy bunnies, the field mice, the black flies, and the porcupines, she has decided that city life would be much less adventurous.  And why the decision?  What drove her over the edge?  A snake.  Who is now residing somewhere in our garage.  

She got home from work the other night and instead of pulling into the garage, she parked the car outside -but opened the garage door.  As she went to go in, she immediately noticed a snake right at the entrance to the garage.  She raced in front of him to shoo him away, but he ducked just inside the door and went to hide under a bunch of stuff. Stuff being gardening tools, recycling bags and boards stored in the garage...just because.   She screamed because she couldn’t tell where he went.  But the good news - he was probably only 8-10inches long - and he was a harmless garter snake.  We have no poisonous snakes in Nova Scotia.  She chose to put him out of her mind because she knew that finding him would be like finding a needle in a haystack.  And she had dogs to walk, so searching for a snake was a low priority.  

The next morning as she was getting ready to head to work, she spotted him.  But by the time she grabbed a broom to shoo him out the door, he had disappeared.  We have not been allowed in the garage since the snake made himself at home.  I’m not sure why - as I said, he is not venomous.  I guess, though, that he could  become a lifeless shoelace if one of us got ahold of him.

Someone at my human’s work joked that maybe the snake was looking for a place to nest.  Needless to say, my human was no imprsssed with that idea.  She did bring in a search party of a few friends to look for Herman (that’s what I have named him.).But they didn’t find him.  

I wonder what life in a highrise wil be like.  Running down the halls.  Racing into elevators.  Jumping of the balcony.  JUST KIDDING.  We are not going anywhere.  But we DO have a snake - so you should see the loud dance that my human does each time she enters the garage.  We need to get a video of it.  I’m sure she will be Googling Snake Charmers any time now....

Never a dull moment.  I’m ok with Herman.  As long as he doesn’t get into my dog food bin....

Have a good one.   Peace and paws up.
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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Pandemonium Day. I am not kidding.

Today is July 14 and according to the crazy calendar, it is Pandemonium Day.  It is supposed to be a day to celebrate being unstuffy, to living in an unorganized, unplanned, uproarious way - for the day, anyway. To bascially "engage your inner child" and feel FREE.  That's what the website said.

My human laughed HYSTERICALLY when she read this.  Our entire LIFE is Pandemonium  - or what she refers to as PONdemonium.  No two days are EVER the same.  Or calm.  Beginning with someone counter surfing, or Einstein barking out orders, or someone sneaking into the garbage and eating dryer lint, or me standing at the garage door staring at it and willing it to open so I can race in to look for dog food.... Or then we have the FG licking Einsteins' private parts - while Einstein is at the water bowl sloshing it everywhere - and my human is racing for the squirt gun to stop him.   We have the alarm going off to remind her to give me my pills.  And the staring threesome who drool while waiting for her to share her banana.  After which the FG rubs his face along every cupboard and  wall.  He's even knocked over chairs while rubbing his face.  And then we have the three of us rolling on the new, clean carpet.  So far the edges have remained intact.  So far.

And all of this has happened BEFORE 7 AM.

And somebody invented a DAY to celebrate being spontaneous?   Let them spend a week with us.  Make that a day.  They'll be proclaiming the Need for Rest and Silence Day.

Anyway - if you DO live a sedate, organized, calm life - go out and be crazy today.  And if you're not sure how to do it - give us a call.

Have a good one.  Peace and pawsup!
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Friday, July 13, 2018

"Un" bearable....

More neighborhood excitement.  It was Wednesday morning.  It was cool and foggy when we went out for our morning walk at 5:15.  In fact, the street lights were still on because the skies were overcast too.  We trotted up our driveway and that's when we first spotted the carnage.

Wednesday is garbage day.  And in addition to regular garbage, it is also green bin organics collection day.  As soon as we got 3/4 way up the driveway and we had a clear view of the road, we noticed that our neighbor's green bin had been knocked over.  And someone had been rummaging through - resulting in a stinky mess on the road.  Obviously Mr. Bear was back.  Across the road, another green bin was also knocked over.  With similar messy results.  My human kept us on SHORT leashes - after all, what could be more irresistible to a PON than stinky garbage.  As we wandered up the road, it was evident that only two out of seven cans were left standing.  We had not put out our green bin - that had been emptied a few nights before.  It was evident by the carnage that Mr. Bear had thoroughly enjoyed his buffet.  And now the crows were shouting out the news about leftovers and helping themselves to the treats.

My human texted the neighbors to give them the heads up - although she felt a bit guilty about being the bearer (no pun intended) of the bad news so early in the morning.  Happy breakfast.

When the FG went for his walk, my human had to again steer clear of the crow smorgasbord.

It looks like green bins will have to stay in garages until Paddington moves on.  I honestly thought that he was gone after we saw him the first time, but evidently he is enjoying the neighborhood soup kitchen too much.   And imagine his delight when the bins were all conveniently lined up for him!! I would have liked to have been riding down the road to see him during the feast.  Note I said riding - IN the car.

I'll keep you updated about any sitings.  Now.  We just need to see a moose...

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
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