Sunday, January 7, 2018


On this day in 1929, one of the first adventure comic strips was published - the story of Tarzan.  You all know about Tarzan, the guy who grew up with apes in the jungle.  My human LOVED to watch old Tarzan movies on Sunday afternoons when she was a kid.  Tarzan lived with monkeys. Little did she realize way back then that she would one day be living with monkeys too!

And speaking of monkey dogs - my human has been following with great interest the adventures of a PON puppy by the name of Scout.  Scout owns a friend of my human's - someone she met through my blog - and who works in a similar field.  Anyway, Scout went to his new home just after Christmas.  And in typical PON fashion, he has already learned how to train humans.  On the way home in the car, he screamed bloody murder - so he was able to get out and sit comfortably on a human lap for the rest of the journey.  Well done Scout!  Scout's human has been telling my human about him and my human has labelled him as an EBM+.  An Extreme Bad Monkey Plus.  Which is obviously JUST the kind of puppies my human LOVES.  Here is a discription of Scout's typical shenanigans: " He jumps into his laundry basket bed, climbs the stretch gate, flings himself over the top of the gate onto the chair securing the gate, jumps down from the chair, runs to Dad and puts his head on Dad's slipper, looks up and grins." I want to meet this guy. He sounds like a real PONdini!  When Einstein was a puppy, he moved an entire ex pen across the room over to a sofa, climbed up the now leaning pen, over the top and onto the sofa.  And he was OFF. He is the ultimate monkey dog.

If one does a Google search for Tarzan dogs - who knew that there really IS such a thing.  Canine Tarzans are dogs who are easily excited - and who may not exhibit good manners around other dogs.  Because they get SO excited.  Sound familiar?   If over exuberance is a characteristic of a Tarzan dog, the FG fits that bill.  He's happy to meet ANYONE.  Dogs.  People.  Squirrels.  Flying leaves.  I think I'll  start calling him Tarzan from now on.  It has a nice ring...

Anyway, I wrote about the challenges of having no power the other day...but tomorrow I'll tell you about one ADVANTAGE.  Stay tuned...

Now excuse me while we get into some monkeyshines.

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!

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