Monday, March 12, 2018

Crufts finale

Well the last day of Crufts was yesterday. The Gundogs were judged and the group winners were:
1.  Pointer
2.  Cocker spaniel
3.  Flat coated retriever 
4.  Irish Setter

And the big winner.....the Best in Show dog for 2018 was the Whippet!  Reserve Best in Show ( kind of like runner up in a beauty pageant) was the Pointer.  So the odds makers were right - a dog from the Gundog group and a dog from the Hound group. I still liked the Border Collie. But no offense to the winner.

And no dog show would be complete without some crazies from an animal rights group. They disrupted the presentations at the end of the show.  Where were some good Police dogs when you need them?  Anyway - it still was a wonderful show - and did I mention a PON placed in the group?!

And in a sad but happy event at Crufts, Mary Ray performed her last performance in canine freestyle after more than 20 years.  Enjoy!

Have a good one!
Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 0.  Back to square one I’m afraid...

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