Sunday, April 29, 2018

Going viral

It’s April 29th and according to the crazy calendar, today is something called Viral Video Day.  So I had an idea to find some viral dog videos- and a few viral stories too. I should note that none of the videos (or even blog posts) I have ever posted have gone viral.  Clearly our behavior is not as outrageous as it could be - so I need to get working on that.  

But there have been plenty of dog stories and videos that have gone viral.  Here is a review of some interesting stories- you may want to look up a few for more info.  I should warn you, this review takes a few minutes- but it kept my attention- so it’s not that long, and some of the stories are quite interesting!

Then we have some examples of videos.  Like these two guilty siblings.  I can picture Einstein doing this to me:

Here we have a video of a husky who likes to talk with his human baby:

Here is a VERY happy puppy waiting for his human.  This dog has some great moves. I think he could give dance lessons.

Here is a video of a crazy Golden puppy.  I can see the FG doing this!

And here is one of my all time favorite dog outsmarts human videos.  Even my human laughs when she see this one:

And finally - we have the story of a foster child and his dog - whose photos went viral.  This story is a true love story - all around!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
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