Sunday, April 15, 2018

Meet the Picard

Today the FG is going on an adventure.  He is going to meet a couple who is thinking they might like to someday get a Berger Picard.  They are meeting at a designated location downtown and my human told them they won’t miss finding him as he is larger than life.  Although he is Mr. Sociable, we know his manners could use some work.  My human suggested they wear a hockey goal tender’s uniform .  Or one of those suits used by the police in training  attack dogs.  JUST kidding.  Sort of.

They are apparently interested in a Picard or a Dutch Sheepdog.   No mention of a PON.  I’m betting that after meeting the wild child, the Dutch dog will move into first place. 

Keep your fingers crossed that no one ends up in the harbor, or with a concussion.  I suggest my human take him for a 10 mike walk before they meet up.  Mind you, that would be false advertising.  They need to see the “real” Elroy.  Heaven help them.  He’ll be wearing his harness - for sure...

Have a good one.
Peace and paws up!

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