Thursday, April 5, 2018

Helen quotes

April 5.  And on this day in 1887, a woman by the name of Anne Sullivan taught a girl by the name of Helen Keller, her very first word: water.  This was quite remarkable because Helen was both deaf and blind.   I have actually written about Helen before...and as you may recall, Helen was a GREAT lover of dogs.

She owned many dogs in her lifetime, including a bullmastiff, a French bulldog, a Boston terrier,  a Chesapeake bay retriever, and a Great Dane.  One of her most famous dogs was Kamikaze, an Akita who was a gift from the country of Japan - and in fact, was influential in introducing the breed to the US.

Helen became a famous author and lecturer and she was the first deaf-blind individual to earn a  bachelor of arts degree.

Helen wrote many famous quotes.  I like this quote which she said when asked what she would do if she could suddenly see:  “I should like to look into the loyal, trusting eyes of my dogs…whose warm, tender, and playful friendships are so comforting to me.”

I decided to take a few of her other quotes and pair them with some recent photos.  Hope you enjoy them!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up!
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