Monday, April 30, 2018

We WON!!!!!

We WON the lottery!!! Well my human did - and what’s hers is ours.  At least I think so.  She doesn’t buy tickets all that often - probably as often as all the dogs in this house are well behaved.  So that tells you it is a rare event.  Anyway she went to buy gas for the car, over a month ago and they sell tickets at the service station. Right at the counter. And my human couldn’t help but notice these particular scratch tickets - because they were dog themed.  You scratch off a bunch of dog items and see if they match the items in your prize boxes.  They were nice items like a leash and a ball and a toy and a food bowl and a bed.  And there were not nice items like shampoo, a bath, a comb and a brush.  My human actually forgot about the ticket- it was lost in the contents of that suitcase file cabinet she calls a purse.  Anyway, yesterday she finally scratched and scraped and drumroll.....we won.........................are you’s pretty exciting..............hold on............

$25!!!  Whooo hoooo.  Well really $20 because the ticket cost $5.  My human quickly reminded me that the proceedings would pay about 1/4 the price of our food bag.  Still - it COULD buy us a couple of bags of treats.  And OK- I suppose my human can buy herself something.  Like a coffee.  

I think she should see if they have more of those dog tickets at the store.  Clearly,  we dogs bring good luck. But you already knew that!

Have a good one.  Peace and paws up.
Seizure-free days: 21

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