Thursday, July 20, 2017

Battle of the Poles

OK.  We have an all WAR going on in our house.  I'm calling it the battle of the Poles.  It's not between me and Einstein.  It's between Einstein and MY HUMAN.

Let's set the background for this particular war.  Since the beginning of May, my human has been working long hours at work.  It's her busy time - and tomorrow it comes to an end.  Not that she doesn't still have to go to work to get money for our treats, but the hours will be MUCH more manageable.  Basically back to a normal work week.  I should add that there are "other things" happening on top of work - so she has been going flat out.  Beginning at 5 AM when she takes us out on our long, daily  morning walk and often ending around midnight.

Anyway, all this to say that in the last week, Einstein has had ENOUGH of my human's work.  He continues his morning chorus and is as loud as ever - even with the 3,396 pieces of kibble we search for while my human is walking the FG.  Einstein is FAST - so he can begin the chorus. 

And to further demonstrate his protest, he has "forgotten" how to sit and wait while our food is being prepared.  And THAT put my human over the edge Monday night - and the official war began.

My human gets our bowls prepared - and while she is doing so, we are asked to sit and stay.  And honestly, the preparation takes like .907  minutes.  Or even less.  Now Elroy just lies down - he needs more obedience work - but my human excuses his behavior - because she needs to train him more.  I sit and wait fairly patiently.  But Einstein?  The GOOD dog?  The one with the CD obedience title?  And several Rally titles?  As SOON as my human turns her back to get our bowls ready - he stands up.  Or lies down.  My human returns to him and instructs him to "sit".  Which he does.  And as SOON as she is 15 feet away, he either lies down or stands up.  Again.  The other night my human hit the "non-dog-stay-breaking-point."  She looked at him after he broke his sit stay for like the 4th time - and she decided to go ahead and feed me and the FG.  THANK goodness.  She told Einstein to "sit" and she set a timer on the microwave for 2 minutes.  She meant business.  As soon as she set the timer, he went down.  Oooooooo---eeeeeeeeeeeee.  These two ARE stubborn.  She told him to "sit and stay" again, and set the timer AGAIN.  This time he didn't move a muscle.  She quickly fed him when the timer went off. 

Now for those who don't know Einstein, you MAY think my human was being tough on him.  Trust me - he KNOWS about sit-stays.  He has done them for 5 minutes or even LONGER in training sessions - and has done FINE.  But honestly, we dogs are pretty darn smart.  We will attempt to get  attention even by doing bad things.  Which my human TOTALLY understands - the last couple of months have been a challenge.  For everyone.  But Einstein really does need to give her a break - and simply WAIT until SATURDAY - when life will return to our regular level of craziness.  

By the way - Einstein  DID "stay" last night - so I think he does understand that he NEEDS to behave right now. Oh yeah - but he still IS barking....

Have a good one!

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  1. Loved it!!! I take it that Einstein is Polish too!
    Sending warm pats on the head for the good PON xxx