Friday, July 21, 2017

World records

OK.  I have NO idea how I missed this news item last fall.  LAST FALL.  But I JUST became aware of this video - so I thought I should share it.  And it gives the dogs in this house something to aspire to.  Bwhahahahahahhaha.

It seems last fall that a Parson Rusell terrier by the name of Smurf made his way into the Guinness Book of World records.  Not for the smallest dog, or the fastest dog - but for the dog who could do the most tricks in one minute.  Check him out:

So of COURSE you know my human wants to see how many WE can do. Sure we can do some of them - but it's more like a trick a minute.  Not ALL of them in a minute.  And lots of treats are required.  Too much work to break this record - I vote that we try for something we are REALLY good at.  Like the dog who can eat the food in his bowl the fastest.  I've got that one.  Or the dog who can most quickly steal food off a counter.  Or the dining  room table.   I have a good shot at that record.  Or the dog who can bark incessantly when my human takes another dog out for a walk.  Einstein would get the trophy for that.  I'm not quite sure what the FG's talent is - oh wait - the dog who can most quickly slobber my human's clothing before she leaves for work.  Bingo.  And speaking of that talent - here's another reason why I question that humans are said to be the smarter beings.  White pants.  Seriously.  What a RIDICULOUS form of attire - ESPECIALLY for humans owned by dogs.  Come ON.  WHAT is the point in even attempting to wear white pants?  You know the pristine look will never last.  Yet you keep trying.  Hey - there's a record!  The human owned by dogs who can keep his/her white pants clean the longest.  Now THAT would be a challenge!!

It's Friday and today my human ends a special program at work.  Then it's just paperwork next week - and after THAT she is FREE.  For August!!!!!!!!  Let the fetching begin!!!

Have a good one!


  1. I laughed so hard at the 'white pants' part. I had on a pair Monday that were sparkling clean at 9am. By 3pm, they looked hairy, slobbery and smugey. I thought "why do I try"?

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