Friday, July 14, 2017

Call me. Whatever.

So every year,  a shelter in Cuyahoga County Ohio, compiles a list of the all the licensed dogs in the county - and publishes the most popular names.  And here was their list for 2016:

 1. Bella
 2. Buddy
 3. Max
 4. Molly
 5. Bailey
 6. Daisy
 7. Lucy
 8. Charlie
 9. Maggie
 10. Sadie

There, of course, were other names as well - but these are the most popular.  For example, two dogs were named Grover Cleveland after the 22nd US President.  I've never met a dog named Grover Cleveland before.   I didn't see Donald Trump mentioned...

In addition to this list, the AKC published the top names in pairs - male and female.  And here they are:

1.  Max and Molly
2.  Jake and Bella
3.  Buddy and Daisy
4.  Jack and Maggie
5.  Cody and Lucy
6.  Charlie and Ginger
7.  Bailey and Bonnie
8.  Rocky and Sadie
9.  Sam and Sophie
10. Buster and Lady

Looks like consistency with the dogs in Ohio...

I've talked before about the variety of names we have in this household - so it is no wonder we don't come when called.  I'm Viktor, Viktorino, Baby V, Trino, and sometimes some other names which cannot be printed here.  Einstein is of course, Frodo, Doe-dee-oh-doe, and Doe.  And now the FG has a variety as well.  He is, of course, Elroy, but he is also called Baby Schmaby (heaven KNOWS how she came up with THAT one), Elmo, El, and Elmer Fudd. 

When I look at the list of popular names, I don't see any Viktor, Frodo or Elroy....  Mind you - we ARE very unique...And if anyone reads this blog, they will never name their dog after us - for fear that they may get a dog with the same behavior.  None of us has "Angel" as a middle name.  

Anyway, as they say - you can call me whatever you want - just don't call me late for dinner!  Happy Friday!!!

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