Tuesday, July 11, 2017


He's at it again.  The FG has rediscovered the fun of swimming in his water dish - and better yet, the unparalleled joy in turning it over.  And FINALLY, my human THINKS she knows why he starts it.  If he sees something floating in the water - like a hair or a leaf or something else we have dragged in, he HAS to try and get it out.  And IF there is water in one of the metal bowls - and he happens to notice his own reflection in the water, it is imperative that he get that dog.  At least that's what she THINKS.  I think he just enjoys the splashing around.  

He also discovered the sound of bullfrogs the other night when he went out for a walk.  He and my human approached a pond where the frogs were making a CRAZY racket.  Who knew they have a complicated calling system for communicating - generally when they are trying to find a mate?  And apparently their calling can be affected by environmental conditions - like temperature,  wind speed, and humidity.  AND it was pretty clear the other night that they also warn each other about the presence of Berger Picards.  Because as soon as Mr. Curious got REALLY close to the pond - all the calling stopped.  The FG looked totally puzzled.  Almost as puzzled as he looks when he dumps his water bowl and then there is no water IN the bowl anymore.  Ya gotta love him...

It's Tuesday.  Not the start of the week.  Not the hump day.  Not the end of the week.  Just plain Tuesday.  I hope yours is great - and your water bowl stays full.

Have a good one.

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