Wednesday, July 19, 2017


First off - thank you for the all the wonderful blog congratulations!  Your support is so greatly appreciated!  You have NO idea!

And now onto our mystery for the Monday morning, my human got up EXTRA early.  Probably because I was breathing in her face. She was dressed and ready to take the FG out by 4:45.  Yes, 4:45 AM.  Since it was just before sunup,  she wore her headlamp.  And it was foggy.    She and the FG went up to the golf course - even before any of the workers were there.  They walked the cart paths, and despite the calm, rather spooky atmosphere, it was actually rather relaxing.  In the meantime, Einstein and I were madly vacuuming kibble from room to room.  We are getting faster and faster at scooping up the stuff.  So that by the time my human and the FG returned, Einstein was barking.  My human  raced down the driveway, making loud footsteps - in the chance that Einstein would hear her and will stop barking.  Nah.  He waited until she OPENED the door - and he fell silent.  The war continues.

So my human put the FG in his pony-sized crate, while she went to take Einstein and I out for our walk.  She opened the door.  It was now starting to get light out.  And within .00056 seconds, Einstein spotted "it" on the lawn.  And in that .00056 seconds, before my human's still sleeping brain could fully register what he was looking at, she actually braced herself and held on tightly to my leash - but let Einstein go.  And he RACED over to "it." "It" was our large, heavy squirrel-proof bird feeder - you know - the one that the squirrel got caught inside.   The one that hangs on a tree branch not far from the front door.  Einstein barked madly at the offending object.  The tree branch was broken, and the feeder, which had been pretty much empty, was lying on the ground with the cover off.  I pulled my human over to the feeder and inspected it.  We wondered what caused the branch to break and the feeder to fall.... Maybe the bear!  Well he probably wouldn't have been tall enough to reach it from the ground and if he tried to go out on the branch, I'm sure it would have broken closer to the trunk of the tree.  Maybe it was a raccoon.  We haven't seen any - but there are no doubt some around.  Then again - maybe it was Bigfoot.  Sure it was.

After we fully examined the downed feeder, we continued on our walk up the road - to go on the trail.  And JUST before we turned off the road and onto the trail, my human heard a noise in the woods.  Bigger than a bird.  She looked down the trail - and not 50 yards away was a beautiful deer.  We couldn't see him, because of the angle where we were standing.  Humans do have the height advantage thing.  My human waited until Bambi raced away and we followed on the trail.  We knew SOMETHING had been there just before us - but we never got to see the deer.

So that's the mystery for now.  But get THIS.  So the feeder went down Monday.  The FG went by the downed feeder at least THREE times on Monday (not counting his first walk in the morning).  It wasn't until Tuesday morning that HE noticed "it".  And boy oh boy - you should have heard the big dog bark that came out of him.  He cautiously leaped around the mysterious object, barking and growling.  Einstein and I watched from in the house, rolling our eyes.  He's not exactly got this "observant guard dog thing" down just yet.  But I have to hand it to him - he does have a great bark.

So what do YOU think?   What caused the branch to break?  Hey - maybe a really heavy squirrel!  Nah.  I still like the Bigfoot idea.

Anyway, it's hump day.  Have a good one!  And don't go out on a limb. At least not a skinny one.

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