Friday, July 7, 2017

Liam is moving in

I wonder who did it.  Bought the property next to our place.  You see, we live in the semi-boonies.  Semi because we are not THAT far from the city, but boonies because we can't easily walk to a grocery store.  We can't REALLY walk to any amenity - except the golf course.  So we ARE in "the country". 

But since my human moved here, there has been a 20 acre vacant property next to our property.  And rumor had it that to access the property, according to provincial laws, the owner would have to put in a paved road.  Which would be very expensive.  People have looked at the property over the years and have thought about building several homes on the acreage, but then realized the costs to build access would be quite high.  But apparently SOMEONE has the money.  And the big rumor in the neighborhood is that the person who bought it is going to build just one HUGE home.  An estate.  Rumors are flying fast and furious as to who bought the place.  I think I'll start my own rumor.  Who could it be?  Someone with money.  Maybe a movie or TV star.  There ARE movie stars who own property in Nova Scotia - so it COULD be someone famous.  Whoever it is, they better like dogs chasing bunnies through their estate.  Who would we like for a neighbor?  Ellen Degeneres.  She's funny.  Or Melissa McCarthy.  She's funny too.  Both of them would probably laugh at our antics.  We don't want Cesar Millan.  He would NOT appreciate our antics.  Helen Mirren or Meryl Streep are pretty cool - and who doesn't like Anthony Hopkins?  Any of them we would welcome as neighbors.  My human would LOVE to see Liam Neeson be our neighbor.  She really hopes that is who it is.  She's clearly delusional.  But I'll start the rumor if she wants me to.  

Whoever it is, they REALLY better like dogs.  Let's face it, it is QUITE likely we will go over to "visit."  I can see the FG swimming in the huge pool, while Einstein and I steal the hors d'oeuvres during the garden party.  Not to mention us peeing in their garden.   Or pooping on their manicured lawn.  And I WONDER if they will have a dog.  Either guard dogs or poodles.  That's what I'm thinking.  Hope they don't put up an electric fence.  Imagine the FG if his hair stood up any more.  

Oh the drama.  Of the excitement.  I'll keep you posted as the developments unfold.  My human went down to the lake on one of our trails, and saw the survey markers.  So this IS real.  And in her mind, it's Liam Neeson.  I'll humor her.   Suuuuuuure it is.

Have a good one.


  1. Time to say adieu to the bears, deer, bunnies, and even a quill-holder or two. Our little Valhalla has been discovered. But perhaps it will be a very rich young hockey star. I did hear McDavid will be getting a lot of money!!


  3. Take your pick! Lol