Monday, July 17, 2017

Vik-advisor Review

So every now and then, my human comes across some dog related product on the internet, she'll purchase it, and I'll do a Vik-advisor review.  Like those educational puzzles.  That we tried to eat.  Or the cool rubber eggs.  That made the most obnoxious sounds.  Until we pushed the squeakers inside them.  So they are now soundless - and now we don't want to play with them.  Or all the dog beds we have destroyed.  So far those fetch toys are still holding up.  Mind you - we are not left alone with them.  You KNOW we would destroy them too.

Anyway, my human saw the following video, and started thinking what it would be like if the dogs in this household tried this invention...

CAN YOU IMAGINE what this would be like?! Keep in mind that we PONs do not LOVE the rain - so perhaps we would be happy with this.  OK - Einstein would be happy.  But me?  Not so much.  And the FG?  Picture a Picard racing down the driveway trying to attack the thing over his head.  Plus my human would no doubt end up with some kind of elbow injury trying to keep the thing steady.  Not to mention his darting back and forth while walking.  Yes, indeed - this could be very entertaining.  VERY entertaining. 

My human also saw a device that you attach to the garden hose.  And your dog can step on a pedal to shoot water up - like a drinking fountain.  Picture the FG with THIS device.  Knowing his enjoyment at splashing in water bowls - well... I think we have THE perfect Christmas gift for him.  I'll put it on his list.

Tomorrow is a VERY special day. A LANDMARK day.  Check in to see why I will be celebrating!

Have a good one!

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