Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Simplicity. Not.

So according to the crazy calendar, today is called Simplicity Day.  A day to keep things simple - and not sweat the small stuff.  WHAT an anomaly in THIS house!  NOTHING is EVER simple here!  For example, "simply" letting us out for a pee after my human gets home from a VERY long day - is not so simple -and all heck breaks loose...

We have a routine.  She gets home, puts the FG in the fenced side run, while she lets Einstein and I out front to pee.  And we race around barking like mad, make a dash around to the back of the house, have a HUGE pee and race back in to get supper.  Then the FG goes out again - but on a leash.  Simple right?  Nah.  On Monday my human was STARVING - she had no lunch - so she let us out and went to quickly take something out of the freezer - to start defrosting it.  She was inside 34 more seconds than usual - so when she came out, we were G-O-N-E.  Yup - up at the new neighbors, who aren't so new anymore but we still call them new.  The nice tolerant-of-crazy-dogs new neighbors.  Who own a Lab called Hudson.  THANKFULLY, Hudson is a low key dog and doesn't attack us when we invade his yard and we promptly pee on every plant we can.  Oh and of course by the time my human raced up to get us (in less than a minute), BOTH of us had also pooped on their property as well.  My human was REPEATEDLY calling us and while Einstein came over to her, I was running like in a trance.  Even the neighbor remarked "It's kind of like he's deaf."  It's called selective deafness.  My human FINALLY caught me, while I had stopped to pee on yet another garden flower and promptly put on my leash.  In the meantime, Hudson had disappeared.  No doubt he didn't want to have anything to do with the maniacs who had invaded his home.  Smart dog.  As my human was dragging us home and apologizing for the multiple poops deposited in their yard (because she hadn't grabbed any poop bags in her haste to find us), Hudson reappeared from the woods.  I think I saw him look at his human and roll his eyes.

Ah yes.  Another simple day in Nova Scotia. Ya gotta love us....

Hope your day is carefree AND simple!  Have a good one.

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