Saturday, July 15, 2017

Lions and Tigers and...

Well we have a new neighbor.  It's the talk of the neighborhood.  And the new neighbor was actually spotted in Jackson's backyard.  Others had seen evidence of the newcomer - including tipped over green organics bins.  Yup - we are not talking bunnies.  We have a BEAR.

We haven't seen the bruin yet - but we were madly smelling something on the trail the other morning.  No doubt he heard us wild canines coming - and headed for his den. It's a black bear - so they are generally not too dangerousUnless of course you run across a mother bear with cubs.  Now THAT could be dicey.   But for the MOST part, black bears don't look to go out and attack people.  Unlike grizzlies or polar bears - who are MUCH more dangerous.  But we have no grizzlies here and no polar bears - unless one happens to swim around 1000 km from northern Newfoundland. Not likely.   

One neighbor claimed they saw bear poop on the road.  So of COURSE, my human HAD to go and see if she could find it in the place where it was spotted.  All she found was dog poop - and to be clear - that poop does not belong to any of the dogs in this house - we are scoopers.  Maybe it was from a coyote.  But we didn't find the bear poop.  Mind you, my human is not EXACTLY a poopologist.  She once got all excited because she found "moose poop" in the backyard.  It turned out to be mushrooms.  Thank goodness she didn't report the sighting to Lands and Forests...

The FG spotted some wildlife the other day and for a change, became QUITE interested in it.  A bunny.  One of the MANY bunnies running around here.  It's actually kind of crazy.  They run up and down the driveway and are not the least bit afraid of my human or the FG.  That's because he is on a leash.  On the other hand, the bunnies ARE quite afraid if I happen to be loose. Anyway, the FG has not generally been interested in four-legged creatures - he's more into birds.  He watches ALL the birds and is especially enamored with crows.  He loves to listen to them - and watch them fly.  But our resident ornithologist became QUITE interested in Mr. Bunny the other morning.  And my human KNEW that if she didn't hold on tightly to his leash, that he would be off and running.  I told him that bunny chasing is fun - so he decided he would like to give it a try.  My human did NOT want that to happen.

And heaven KNOWS what will happen if he (or any of us) sees the bear.  That's one story my human does NOT want to help me write.

Anyway, we'll keep a look out for Paddington.  That's what I will call him.  It's either that or Ted.E.

Oh the joys of living in the boonies.  As IF there isn't enough WILDlife in our house. Have a good one!

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