Tuesday, July 18, 2017

BIG blog news!!!!!!!!

Well today is a special day.  For me anyway. Today marks my... are you ready... my 1000th blog posting.  Seriously!  1000 postings about historical dog trivia, dog product reviews, commentaries about world dog news and most importantly - the sharing of our personal stories about the day to day life of three canines and the human they own.  In Nova Scotia, Canada, of all places.  We have shared our triumphs - like if we get a 25 cent  ribbon at a dog show or we manage to steal something without being caught (although this is much more difficult since Big Brother arrived) and we have shared our tragedies - like the loss of Paxton or my battle with seizures.  It's pretty hard to believe we have hit the 1000 entries mark - seems we should be getting some kind of 75 cent ribbon for this!!!

Some days we find it hard to come up with a topic - and we think it's time to hang up the iPawd.  But we carry on - and are reinforced by your comments - and by you sharing your own dog stories!  Or ideas that you think we would enjoy.  My human is also grateful for the many friends she has made around the world - who she would probably never had connected with had it not been for this crazy blog.  It's nice to know there are other bad dogs out there too - misery loves company!   One thing we do know about this blog thing - we do love to make you laugh.  And while some may think we embellish our stories for that purpose - I assure you - this stuff is real.  Really real.  We are REALLY that bad.  No doubt some readers shake their heads about our disobedient nature, and may even become annoyed with the fact that we create such havoc. But seriously - what kind of blog would one write if the dogs were always well behaved?  How boring would THAT be?  "Today I walked obediently  at my human's side.  I came when called.  I waited patiently and silently while my meal was being prepared.  I only chewed on my bones.  I loved being groomed.  I slept obediently on my dog bed."  The end.   Do dogs like that even exist?!  OK.  Don't answer that.  I know they do.  And that's OK.  We won't hold it against them.  Good for them.  But we DO have our OWN talents - hey not every dog is cut out to be a comedian.  Or a storyteller,  Or an escape artist.  Or a full-time singer.  Or a vacuum cleaner.  Or an aquamaniac.  That's my new title for the FG with this whole water bowl thing.

For those who may have read 100 of these postings - we thank you very much!  For those who have read 500, we truly admire your resilience!  And for those who have read almost ALL of these postings - the check is in the mail.  Along with a bag of dog treats.  If one of us doesn't steal them first.

Have a fabulous day and remember to smile.  And wag.  It always makes others feel better - and it will make you feel better too!

Thank you for reading - and have a good one!


  1. Congrats on the 1000th! Please NEVER stop because reading Viktorsviews is the highlight of our day!
    Duncan the PON and Family in Texas with another PON puppy on the way:)

  2. Thanks for your congrats - and congrats to YOU for your impending arrival! LOVE puppy breath - it's the BEST! Cheers!