Monday, February 2, 2015

Compartments of the heart.

These are Frodo's eyes - he helped me with my blog today

We’ve had some very sad news in our house.  My human’s aunt – her godmother - passed away after a short illness.

My human was feeling so sad – so I had to explain to her about the “compartments” of our heart.

Everyone is born with compartments in their heart.  Humans – and even us canines.  And in those compartments we store people – and pets!  And the more time we have with someone, the more things go into the compartments.  All the special times and all the special memories.  Now I KNOW that life isn’t always happy times, but there really is no point in putting bad stuff in the compartments.  It’s kind of like a safety deposit box at the bank.  You wouldn’t put junk in a safety deposit box!  Some people (and pets) have lots of different compartments for all of the people and pets they know – while others may just have a few.  But there’s no limit on how many you can have!

But when a person – or a pet dies, the door on their compartment closes.  We can’t put new things in there – because they are no longer with us.

BUT – there IS a key to the compartment.  And we can open it any time.  The key is good thoughts.  Think of that person or pet and think of a REALLY, REALLY happy memory – and voila – the compartment door opens again!  And you can reach in and take out all those special times.  And treasure them!  Like a good treat!  And try not to be sad - because you are soooo lucky you had those times!

And the best part - you never lose the compartments in your heart.  They are always with you.  Just remember how to open the door.

So that’s my compartment story.  Phew.  It’s hard work explaining things to humans.  But it DID make my human feel better – and maybe…it will make one of you feel better too!

©  2015  Linda Wozniak

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